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AVA 12x12 Frame

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 AVA frames are simple to use and easy to hang. To put your picture in the thin-edged frame, you just pop out the smooth trimmed glass, insert your picture, and pop the glass back in the frame. The frame has molded openings in the back so you can mount the frame either vertical or horizontal. Clipped to the back of the frame is an adapter to make the frame into a standing frame (Instructions Included) This is our most popular picture frame of all time, the AVA frame is always in fashion and is always the right price. 
  • 2x12 Inch matte black format frame - perfect for 12x12 Inch scrapbook pages
  • The frame has a thin black profile
  • The frame features a front-loading design with polished edge glass
  • The frame is ready for wall hanging either vertically or horizontally
  • Certified FFP