Custom orders have to be purchased by Novembers 24th to be guarenteed for holidays. All regular orders need to be in by December 10th.

About Us

We set out on our creative mission of carving vinyl back in 2016. What gets us truly inspired is the art and music that surround us, and what better medium to express our love for music than on a vinyl record? We have mastered the craft of carving intricate details into these delicate vinyl music discs. We dove right on into the art scene, setting up shop at local music and art festivals, getting our unique art and name out there. This art is something you truly have to see in person to really take in the depth and detail. We created this site so you can see the works of our craft.

We are a small team of artists that bring this art to life, from concept to creation. Everything is done under one roof at our studio in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. We even offer custom graphic design for when you have a special idea in mind.

Astro Vinyl Art is the perfect art to hang almost anywhere. Think about it... everybody loves music. Enjoy it hung in any room to bring a pop of color and musical inspiration into your life.