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Carved Vinyl

Are you using a real record?

Does the carved record match the artist on the record?

Can you still play it?

Do you buy records?

Can I supply my own record?

Custom Carved Designs

How do I order a custom designed vinyl?

What comes with a custom carved vinyl?

Do you only do music related designs?

How long does a custom design take?

What can i order as a custom design?

Can you personalize a custom design with names for a team?

Can you take a photo and carve it into a vinyl?

Finishing Options

Can I upgrade my frame?

Do they have to be framed?.

Do you make clocks?

What backdrop color choices do I have?

Is the frame real glass?

Shipping & Returns

How quick do you ship?

Where can you ship?

What should I do if my AVA arrives broken or with shattered glass?

Return Policy

Wholesale & Partners

Do you wholesale?

AVA Merchandise